Entrepreneurship Bootcamp for Young Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurship Bootcamp

Kidpreneurs India hosts and conducts a ‘Entrepreneurship Bootcamp’ for kids aged 7 to 14. This boot camp nurtures entrepreneurship skills in kids, which when developed at an early age can make them pioneers in business.

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Science Experiments for Kids

Wearable Tech

Kidpreneurs India hosts Wearable Tech workshop to teach children how to code a smart watch with heart-rate sensor/ Iron man Arc reactor on their dress / code a smart led earrings Enroll now to be explore coding and wearable teachnology.

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Science Experiments for Kids

3D Printing

Kidpreneurs India hosts 3D Printing Workshop in which Childrend can learn what 3D printing is all about, How a 3D printer works,different materials used in 3D printing, designing the 3D model using tinker cad,Printing their own 3D modelin the workshop. Join this super fun workshop and bring out your creativity.

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cookies making for Kids

Cookies Making

Learn to make 6 different types of healthy eggless cookies with pure butter. You can take back the baked cookies.

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Science Experiments for Kids

Science Experiments

Kidpreneurs India is conducting a live online session on fun science experiments for all the super enthusiastic little scientists.

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Gardening Workshop for Young learners

Kidpreneurs India organizes basic gardening workshop in which kids will learn how to set up their first garden and learn basics of gardening.

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Create your own Stop Motion Animation

Through the stop motion animation workshop, children can express themselves, communicate stories, ideas and concept by acquiring technical skills, enhance their problem solving skills, improve their language and communication skills.

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Create your own 4D story book

Through our story book making workshop, children create their own story which get transformed into a 4D book which has Augmented reality features.